All Approved drawing are issued

All materials are approved


All materials being used are inspected at site

MEP & Elec. embedded material and openings, if shown in Approved drawing inspected and approved by Electrical Site Engineer&  Electrical Design Engineer

Raft and slab rebar inspected and approved by Client Civil Design Engineer

Raft and roof slab rebar and form work inspected and approved by Consultant and Municipality Engineer

Safe platforms, handrails and accesses

Scaffolding inspected and tagged

For suspended slabs scaffolding inspected and approved by 3rd party

Warning signs provided

Base concrete chipped and cleaned for key

Reinforcement as per approved plan

Reinforcement free of rust

Steel reinforcement over lap lengths

Steel reinforcement starter bar length

Binding and tying of steel

Spacing of stirrups / Rings

Spacers positioned and properly fixed

Steel reinforcement guided on top for walls and columns

Water bar provided and guided properly

Rebar inspection Approval prior to closing shutter for walls, columns and deep beams

Base line grid established for checking form work

Form work setting out as per RFC Drawing.

Form work Dimensions are as per RFC Drawing.

Plumbness of form work

Alignment of form work

Chamfer installed

Openings provided as per RFC Drawings

Embedded items provided as per Approved Drawings

Form work Proper bracing

Tie rods positioned and tightened

Form work clamping

Form work proper shoring

Form work Base, holes & joints sealed

Form release agent applied on form work

Area is cleaned and ready to receive concrete

Top of concrete level marked

Approved lab technician, moulds for cubes and fresh concrete testing accessories available

Sufficient number of vibrators available

Sufficient lighting for night time concrete

Proper arrangement for Continuous pouring, proper compaction

Proper arrangement for concrete curing

Stripping of form work as per specification