How To Check Plastering Work Quality (checklist)!! What Are The Requirements Of Good Plaster? Brick Masonry Checklist Point


All Approved drawings  are issued

All materials and samples are approved


All Major materials being used are inspected at site
as per Material Approval Request, samples and Inspection Test Plan

All Safe platforms, handrails and accesses ladders are provided

All Scaffolding are inspected and tagged

All required Warning signs provided

Base concrete chipped and cleaned for key to masonry works

Approval of Block Unit Mock-up

Approval of plaster Mock-up

Block units and base conrete surface soaked properly before starting job

Setting out of Walls including Doors, openings, stiffener columns etc..

Mortar Mixing Machine availability at site

Block work Mortar Mixing proportions as per approval

Damp Proof Coarse membrane installation at external walls

Installation of Block work accessories as per drawing.

Tie beam reinforcement and concrete as per drawing.

Openings in block work as per drawing.

Curing of block work

Installation of plastering accessories

Alignment, plumb of block work to release for plastering

Electrical Points & Electrical embedded materials and openings, if shown in Approved drawing, inspected and approved by  MEP Site Engineer &  Electrical Design Engineer

Plaster Mortar Ingredients for Dash coat and Rendering
coat as per approval

Application of Dash coat & Curing

Application of rendering coat & Curing

Plastered surface free from undulations

Plastered surface free from cracks, damages and debonding

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