How To Check Painting and screeding Work Quality (checklist)!! What Are The Requirements Of Good Painting and screeding?


All Approved drawings are issued

All materials , samples & Applicator are approved


All Major materials being used are inspected at site as per Material Approval Request, samples and Inspection Test Plan

Safe platforms, handrails and accesses ladders

Scaffolding inspected and tagged

Warning signs provided

Mockup inspection for epoxy screed

Embedded materials & Shrinkage Reinforcement to
release for screed

MEP embedded materials and openings, if shown in
Approved drawing, inspected and approved by Client MEP
Site Engineer.

Surface preparration and shutter to release for Concrete / Epoxy Screed

Surface to be painted free from undulations

Surface to be painted free from moisture, cracks, damages, loose material and debonding

Surface to be painted prepared as per technical data
sheet of paint

Approval of painting system Mock-up

Application of primer as per technical data sheet

Application of sealant as per technical data sheet

Application of Putty / Texture as per technical data sheet

Uniform Application of 1st coat paint

Paint applied 10cm above false ceiling and 10 cm
below raised floor

Repair of defects before second coat paint

Uniform application of 2nd coat paint

Pull of test to ensure proper bonding

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