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Home Security in Tamil: Doorstop Alarm System - Door Stop Alarm Video in Tamil

Home Security in Tamil: Doorstop Alarm System – Door Stop Alarm Video in Tamil

In order to find out more about the “home security: doorstop alarm system” topic

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1) This alarm is operated by a 9v battery (Not included)

2) Open the battery door on the backside of the alarm unit, and place a 9v battery in the battery compartment, Make sure the battery is installed correctly before use.

3) After installing the 9V battery, place the doorstop alarm behind a closed door to secure the room

4) If the secured door is opened, the edge of the door will press down on the wedge plate of the doorstop alarm and set off the alarm, which will sound at 120dB siren continuously.

5) The sensitivity of the vibration sensor can be adjusted from low to high as indicated in order to meet your needs.

6) When the siren starts to sound weak, it is time to change the 9v battery as described in step 2

7) Turn the power switch off when the doorstop alarm is not in use. The alarm unit can be used as a doorstop to prevent the doorknob from hitting the wall if the hinged door is opened too roughly.

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So you would like to know more about home security: doorstop alarm system, I did too, and here’s the result.
Home security: doorstop alarm system intrigued me so I did some research study and published this to YT.
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Home security: doorstop alarm system is undoubtedly something that intrigues you and other individuals so I made this video about this topic.

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